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Three Functional Renovation Ideas for Your Beloved Home

Now that you have resided in the same home for years, has it ever occurred on your mind to change how the house looks? Even if you’ve just moved in there, you must think about some renovation ideas that can make your home a better place. And among all of those possibilities, you would be better to start from the functional ones.

Build an Addition

a sunroomAlmost everyone can make use of a house addition at home because extra space means opportunities for practical purposes. However, note that there are three most common house additions, each of which has its own ups and downs: a multi-room structure, a bump-out, a sunroom, or a garage conversion room. For more information on this subject, please consult an expert contractor, such as home additions Arlington, for example.

This renovation idea can be your ultimate solution if you have a growing family, collectibles, or a need to exercise. Besides, if you have a sunroom, for instance, it can be your best place to hang out with your colleagues.

Add More Storage Space

neat shelvingEven though you can use a home addition as a storage room, it should be your last option because you can optimize your furniture instead. For instance, you can opt for sofas that have a bookshelf behind it, or chairs with shelves built in it. And for your bedroom, it can actually function as your gym too. Replace your existing bed frame with a murphy bed, and you’ll get the entire room free from hampering furniture. Store your workout tools in a vertical rack or the ceiling. And yes! You can definitely transform the ceiling in your bedroom as storage. Watch the video below:

The concept here is to store things vertically and close to your wall or roof so that the rest of the space can be allocated for something else. However, the challenge here is to make the shelving system custom. If you have the basics of woodworking, this renovation project will be a fun experience. But if you don’t, then you should partner up with an expert furniture designer.

Soundproof the House

soundproofing foamNothing is more annoying than to hear loud noises from the outside while we are sleeping, reading, or watching movies. If that has been happening to you for a long time, it is a sign that your house has inadequate soundproofing system. Do not take this problem lightly because, in the long run, you can suffer from sleeping disorders and stress.

Therefore, call an acoustic technician to conduct an audit on your house’s design and identify the places that need soundproofing. This expertise is not something you can learn from YouTube. Hence, it will be best if you go to the expert straight away.