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Risks Posed by Unremoved Tree Stumps in Your Compound

Planting more trees in your compound creates a conducive environment for your stay. This is because they leave your compound extra calm by providing shade and producing more oxygen. They also help to prevent your home from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds. With time, the trees in your compound can become overgrown with protruding branches. This may put you and others at risk because they can fall at any given moment. They will also leave your compound looking less attractive.

Overgrown trees and branches harbor snakes and other dangerous animals. Trimming the overgrown branches and cutting down some trees is one of the solutions to try out. This can be done perfectly by a tree removal service. When cutting down trees, tree stumps are usually left behind.

Special tools such as the stump grinder are usedstump cutting during the process. This is a device that helps to remove a tree stump by cutting it into pieces. It is considered more effective, even though many have argued that it leaves the tree roots behind. Having tree stumps in your compound can expose you and other family members to several risks. Here are the dangers posed by unremoved tree stumps in your compound.

Tripping Risk

You are likely to get tripped by the unremoved tree stump in your compound. Friends, relatives, and other people passing through your compound can easily get tripped by this part of a tree, especially at night. This will result in injuries that may see one use up much of their money on treatment. You can also get sued as a result. Eliminating the tree stumps in your home to prevent tripping risks.

Insect Infiltration

The tree stump in your compound can attract dangerous insects and animals. Bees may find a perfect home and such stumps, and this puts you at high risk of experiencing attacks. Termites also like such an environment. With time, they can move to your home and cause severe damage. You should get rid of them to stay free from such risks.


The chances of the tree stump in your compoundstump removal growing again are much higher. This may happen when your primary aim of cutting the tree is to create more space in your yard. You should get rid of the stump completely to prevent regrowth.…